Gabrielle, a Panamanian-European artist, graduated from the Art Institute of California, and is now pursuing her dreams of creating a variety of art for a living, under the name

Honey + Lemon Designs


As a wife and mother to three children, she thrives in illustrating realistic scenarios that bring humor to the lives of parenting.


Over the past eleven years, Gabrielle has worked one-on-one with clients to build their websites, designing custom graphics for them, and even a three story tall display featuring her animation reel of "Puppeted Fish for Kids".  That specific client was what sparked her drive for wanting to create a whole separate line of characters and design, that inspire the next generation to be unique - to be themselves.

On days off from work, Gabrielle and Darron are spending time with their children when they are awake, and playing MOBAs together; since the happy couple met on League of Legends, nothing to them says "romance" like a duo-bot lane carry!